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10 tips to have beautiful hair

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Everyone wants to have beautiful hair! So what are you doing for it? We tell you 10 tips that you should pay attention to in daily hair care to have beautiful hair. It is not impossible for your hair to look smoother, brighter and livelier! You should apply the tips to your hair care routine, which will help you have beautiful hair and highlight the beauty of your hair.

1- You should protect your hair from the sun

UVA and UVB rays can make your hair dry and make your hair look paler. You can extend the life of your beautiful hair by protecting it from the sun. So how do you protect your hair from the sun? You can wear wide hats in summer to protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. Braiding your hair, making a bun or a twisted ponytail will also help protect you from the sun. Moisturizing your hair frequently in the summer, applying conditioner and not using a blow dryer will also reduce the damage of the sun.

2- Use a hair mask

Use a hair maskYou should use intense moisture masks frequently to make your hair look more beautiful. Remember, damp hair always looks brighter and voluminous. You can use the hair mask 2-3 times a week according to your needs. If you have dyed hair, you should prefer masks that protect the hair color and care for dyed hair. To increase the effect of the hair mask, after applying the mask, wrap your hair in a hot towel and wait for a few minutes.

3- Use hair care products

Use hair care productsTo make your hair look beautiful, soft and smooth, you should use conditioner after shampooing in every bath. Using conditioner will make your hair easier to comb and shape.

L’Oréal Paris Elseve Dream Long Wonder Water Miracle Treatment Water, which we use in every bathroom , provides you with softer, brighter and 10 times smoother* hair in just 8 seconds. Thanks to the innovative Lamellar technology it contains, it structures the hair surface. Provides instant easy scanning. Since it does not contain silicone, it does not weigh down the hair.

Wonder Water Miraculous Treatment Water targets damaged areas of long and damaged hair. The best part of this care water is that it provides a visible change in the hair in just 8 seconds! We recommend that you use Miraculous Care Water , which provides easy combing and does not weigh down the hair , in every wash.

You can check out L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water here.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water

4- Put distance between you and hair styler

Put distance between you and hair stylerTo have beautiful hair, keep hair stylers away from your hair for a while. In particular, you should remove from your life gel, max or spray stylers that make hair hard, leave residue and dry your hair. Instead of these, we recommend using hair care creams that will make your hair easy to shape.

5- Comb your hair regularly

Comb your hair regularly

Do you know the benefits of hair combing? Brushing your hair regularly helps hair follicles breathe and accelerates blood circulation in the scalp. To have beautiful hair, you should comb your hair twice a day. We recommend using coarse-toothed combs to prevent your hair from getting knots and to make it look fuller.

If your hair is very tangled and it becomes impossible to comb it after a bath,  we recommend using Elseve Miraculous Oil Hair Beautifying Cream for easy combing and styling. This no-rinse cream, which provides easy combing, is one of the best hair care products you can use to beautify your hair. 🙂

6- Make your hair thicker

Make your hair thickerYou can have a keratin treatment to make your hair look thicker or you can use keratin-containing shampoos . If you have thin and weak hair strands, you can make your hair look denser with care treatments that make your hair thicker.

7- Discover new hairstyles

Discover new hairstylesIf you want your hair to look different, you should try different hairstyles. Styling your hair with the same hairstyle can get boring after a while. How about learning different knitting models to change this? You should use L’Oréal Paris Elseve Dream Long Wonder Water Miracle Care Water in every wash so that your hair can be styled more easily . Wonder Water, which provides a visible change in 8 seconds, will help your hair to take shape more easily after bathing.

8- Change your hair color

Change your hair colorHow about changing your hair color to make your hair look cooler, different and new? If you always see yourself in the mirror with the same hair color, we suggest you try some innovative colors. Colors such as fire red, cinnamon copper and ashy auburn can adapt to every skin tone. After dyeing your hair, you should not forget to make hair care suitable for dyed hair.

9- Add natural ingredients to hair care

Add natural ingredients to hair careIf you want your hair to be beautiful, you should look for a solution in nature. Hair beautifying hair mask recipes, using a natural hair mask can add extra shine to your hair. When buying hair care products, you should give priority to those with natural ingredients.

10- Take care of your hair

Take care of your hairOne of the most important ways to have beautiful hair is to give your hair the attention and care it needs. Comb your hair carefully when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Only use hair care products from brands you trust. Herbal mixtures, natural cures taken on the recommendation of friends may show an allergic reaction in their hair. Add L’Oréal Paris Elseve Dream Long Wonder Water Miracle Treatment Water to your  hair care routine to take better care of your hair. Using Wonder Water in every wash will help hair look softer, shiny and smoother.

You can check out L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water here.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water

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