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2022 Hairstyles & Haircut Trends

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As much as we love new makeup or nail trends, nothing changes your style like a hairstyle. At the same time, nothing can make you feel more tired than a long haircut. If your current hairstyle needs a 2022 update, you are in the right place.

We have brought together the biggest hair trends of 2022 for you. Here are 2022 hairstyles, 2022 haircut trends!

2022 hairstyles

From subtle details like minor changes to your hair or adding a little shine to them, to bigger changes like short haircuts , these hairstyles will be the hottest trends of 2022.

medium bob haircut

Famous hairdressers say that we will continue to see the influence of the 90s this year. A prime example of this is the medium length bob. This is a haircut that is longer than a short bob cut but shorter than a long bob cut. Hair that falls somewhere above the shoulders and under the chin will be a hit for 2022. To remember this model, consider the final version of Kourtney Kardashian’s hair.

straight blunt cut

Another of the 2022 haircut models is the blunt cut on both short and longer hair. If you need to give your hair a fuller, healthier look, try a straight, one-length blunt haircut .

90’s cut

Blunt hair isn’t the only thing we’ll see next year. Long coats, the trend hairstyle of the 90s, seem to be making a strong comeback as well. A layered haircut is a great way to add movement and texture to hair. You can make a simple but effective change in your look with a layered cut that surrounds your face and starts at the chin level.

long stylish hair

Long and straight hair is very fashionable in 2022. If you’ve been dying to try a dramatic straight hairstyle for a while, make your dream come true in the new year.

side part bob cut

Get ready to see the return of an old favorite haircut in 2022: the side part bob. We will see this model, which is especially suitable for curly hair, in the new year. This model, which is achieved with a deep side parting, is especially ideal for small faces.

medium long layered hair

The new year will be the year of classic medium-length hairstyles rather than very long and thick hair. Hair will still look beautiful and bouncy but stand out with lots of layers and a deep side parting.

Soft, effortless curls

One of the most preferred 2022 hairstyles is light, soft, effortless curls. Try using a thick curling iron to achieve this look. Thus, you can create a more natural and soft wave in your hair.

Natural, effortless hair

Whether it’s a French-inspired or natural hair color; In 2022, the basic philosophy is “Less is more”. You can achieve a trendy look with a hair color that looks natural but has a very bright and natural shine.

Wet looking hair

If you like the wet-looking hairstyle, we have good news for you. This hairstyle will be very trendy in 2022. To create a wet look on your hair, invest in relevant hair care products and comb your hair backwards. Now you can enter any environment!

moving bangs

We said that layered hair would be the trend in 2022. Instead of beachy waves this year, try giving your layered hair and natural bangs some really good looking waves this year. Therefore, you will need to remove your heat styling tools from the places you removed them as soon as possible. At this point , you may be interested in our article on curly hair and bangs models .

long hair lengths

Stylists say that another trend we will see in 2022 will be 48-53 cm long hair extensions. In summary, this height falls somewhere between your chest and waist. Considering that the hair grows an average of 1.2 cm per month, the best way to have long hair in the new year may be to make an appointment with your hairdresser for welding.

one-dimensional color

One of the new year’s hair trends is one-dimensional hair colors. 2022 will be dominated by natural hair colors such as soft black, subtle dark brown or warm ginger.

Natural hair color

After months of quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic, our lives, habits, routines and priorities have changed drastically. It is as if we are gradually learning to embrace our true selves. That means embracing your natural hair color and texture. With all this in mind, next year it is predicted that people will stick to practical and natural hair colors.

side bangs

We’re going to see a lot of side bangs in 2022. If you’re not yet ready for side-parted, straight bangs, you can start by faking this hairstyle. For this, it is enough to separate a section of your hair from the side and fix it behind your ear.

healthy shiny hair

According to stylists, 2022 will also reveal healthier and shiny hair. Get help from natural oils to get a great shine on your hair or consult your colorist for a shine treatment that enhances your natural color.

straight bangs

If you’re already wearing bangs and are ready to go bolder, try a straight, firm bangs cut. Because this year, a more assertive and straight bang will be popular.

thick bob cut

One of the 2022 hair trends is the thick, short and deeply parted bob cut. The natural and voluminous look in the hair will be one of the trends of the new year. With the right haircut for this look, your hairdresser can mix extensions into your bob to add volume to your hair.

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