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Ashy Gray Hair Color Models, Who Would Suit It?

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The most preferred ashy gray, which has not fallen from the trends for the last few years, is also considered one of the most marginal hair colors. It is a hair color with a cold undertone like ashy, which is seen as a very sharp decision but cannot be given up after once tried, and is separated from the classic gray hair colors with its matte reflections. This hair color, which includes several different shades of gray, reflects colors such as gray, a color close to white, matte and dark gray, is among the very cool and attractive colors.

Let’s see who does the ashy gray hair color suit? How to get ashy gray? And how about Ashy gray hair care? to the answer to your questions.

How to get ashy gray hair color?

To achieve an ashy gray hair color, your hair will likely have to be bleached. Instead of dyeing your hair yourself, it’s important to get help from a professional the first time to get the right color. Especially since the hair will be opened and to prevent the possible damage of the opening process, it is necessary to be very careful.

Ash gray actually looks like ash color. You can apply that matte gray color to all your hair, or you can use it with techniques such as ombre, sombre, balayage and highlighter. Especially gray ombre has been on the rise for the last few years and is among the popular ombre models.

Who does ashy gray hair color suit?

In fact, there is a shade of gray to suit every skin tone. The only thing you need to consider before making your hair gray is a bright gray that suits you better or an ashy gray with dullness? If you have a dark skin color such as wheat or brunette, ashy gray will suit you very well.

If you have a lighter complexion, that is, if you are fair and blonde, you can go for bright, metallic gray colors that are a little more vibrant. White skin combined with matte ashy gray can make you look pale some days. Choosing vibrant colors while choosing your hair color will also give vitality and energy to your face.

Does ashy gray hair color flow?

Ashy gray hair color does not flow as much as colors such as red and orange. Once you have the right color, after a few washes, your hair color will settle well and then it will not flow. But since it is a very light color, as your hair grows longer, your own hair color starts to emerge from the bottom. So it may require a regular dip dye. If your own hair color is in dark tones, it can also achieve a great harmony with the black ashy gray that comes out of the bottom. By observing this in the future, you can decide whether or not to paint the bottom.

In addition, due to the matte tones, it may be necessary to go over it again a few months after the first painting.

How to care for ashy gray hair color?

After your hair is dyed, you need to pay extra attention to its care to prevent wear and to keep your hair color as it was on the first day.

Start by making a hair mask a few times a week before you shower. At this point, you can nourish and revitalize your hair in 5 minutes by making masks that you can keep on your hair for a few hours with natural oils and natural materials.

Choose the color Protective and revitalizing care shampoo and hair color protecting shampoo that suits you. It also cares for the hair from root to tip by paying attention to the fact that it contains vitamin E and almond oil.

It is also important to pay attention to drying and styling after using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner in the shower. You can remove excess water from your hair by pressing and pulling it with a soft towel. Wrapping the towel tightly around your head can cause your strands to break.

Take care to keep the temperature low and not to get too close to your hair when you need to dry it with a dryer. You can also protect the hair by using a product that protects against heat.

Even if you are going to use styling tools such as straighteners and tongs, using a heat-protective product will prevent your hair from wearing out.

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