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Butterfly Haircut: Long Hair and Short Hair Together

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We are here to share with you what we know about the butterfly haircut! Butterfly cut hair has the ability to show both long and short. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Butterfly hairstyles can show long and short hair together by creating an illusion in the hair.

We have reviewed the butterfly hairstyle, which has been very popular in recent years, for you. Those who are looking for a new cut in their hair should consider the butterfly haircut.

What is the butterfly haircut trend?

What is the butterfly haircut trend?

Butterfly haircut models are a hair trend that looks shorter from the front and longer from the back. In the butterfly haircut, the layers on the front of the hair are short, while the hair on the back is left longer. Thus, both the comfort of long hair and the cool appearance of short hair are achieved.

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How to cut a butterfly haircut?

How to cut a butterfly haircut?In the butterfly haircut, there are dense layers in the front strands of the hair. These coats can be shortened to ear level. Thanks to the layers that go from short to long, the front of the hair looks short/medium length. We must say that the forelock models suit the butterfly haircut very well.

The back of the butterfly hairstyle is lightened and left long. You don’t need a lot of floor in the back. Thus, you can easily make the back of your hair a ponytail or bun. The short layers in the front will also add extra air to your hair.

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Butterfly haircut models

1- My side bangs

My side bangsFor the versatile use of the butterfly hairstyle, you can cut a forelock in your hair. Butterfly haircuts with bangs are very popular!

2- Yellow butterfly haircut

Yellow butterfly haircutYou can dye your hair blonde to give the butterfly haircut a cooler look. Thanks to Elseve Yellow Hair Rescue Purple Liquid Care Cream , you can add extra shine to your hair and make them look stronger by repairing split ends.

3- Long butterfly haircut

Long butterfly haircutYou can adapt the butterfly haircut to long hair. For this look, you should cut light layers at the front of your hair.

4- Butterfly model for thick hair

Butterfly model for thick hairButterfly haircut is one of the haircuts that we like most for bushy hair! We recommend cutting the front layers longer to control the volume of your hair.

5- Nude butterfly haircut

Nude butterfly haircutTo make your new haircut even cooler, you should try  L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Nude Colors 7U Nude Auburn . Nude auburn hair will give her hair an ashy and cold undertone look.

6- Layered butterfly cut

Layered butterfly cutMake your hair look more voluminous by giving dense layers to the butterfly haircut.

7-Wavy butterfly haircut

Wavy butterfly haircutIf you have wavy hair, a butterfly haircut will suit you very well. If you have straight hair, you should add volume to the butterfly haircut with hair mousse.

8- Medium length butterfly haircut

Medium length butterfly haircutIf you are looking for a new cut for your medium hair, you should consider the butterfly hairstyle.

9- Scattered butterfly cut

Scattered butterfly cutTo shape the butterfly haircut, you should prefer natural and messy models.

10- Long bob butterfly haircut

Long bob butterfly haircutIf you want your hair to look like a long bob when viewed from the front and look long from the back, the butterfly haircut is for you!

11- Cool butterfly haircut

Cool butterfly haircutTo add air to your haircut, it will be enough to layer them in front of them.

12- Nostalgic butterfly haircut

Nostalgic butterfly haircutIf you want to give the butterfly haircut a retro look, you can blow dry your hair inwards.

13- Plump butterfly hairstylePlump butterfly hairstyle

You can use the layered butterfly hairstyle to give your fine hair a fuller look .

14- Butterfly cut for straight hair

Butterfly cut for straight hairIf you have straight hair, we recommend using tongs to shape the butterfly haircut.

15- Copper butterfly haircut

Copper butterfly haircutCopper tones suit the butterfly haircut very well!

16- V butterfly haircut

V butterfly haircutButterfly haircut is very confused with V haircut . In the butterfly haircut, the fronts are more folded, while the V haircut has straighter lines.

17- Modern butterfly cut

Modern butterfly cutYou can choose the low-level butterfly hairstyle to give your fine hair a modern cut.

18- Part your hair in the middle

Part your hair in the middleIn the butterfly haircut, the hair is usually parted in the middle.

19- Bangs and butterfly cut

Bangs and butterfly cutThe blunt bangs also suit the butterfly cut. You can make it look more natural by layering the bangs.

20- Butterfly cut for curly hair

Butterfly cut for curly hairTry the butterfly haircut to take control of your curly hair!

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L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Cream

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