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Everything About Short Hairstyles on the Shoulder!

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Get inspired by our different model suggestions that you can try on your shoulder-length hair.

Hairstyles with a shoulder-length length are among the most preferred and most comfortable hairstyles. Having a very trendy and modern look, short hair on the shoulder is also very suitable for integrating with any hairstyle you want, thanks to its average length. In other words, you can make your shoulder-length hair in a bun from the nape of the neck or a ponytail from the top with the help of a few hairpins. You can make a special hairstyle for every outfit and wherever you go, inspired by our different hairstyle suggestions that you can do for your short hair on the shoulder.

Shoulder-length wavy hair

If you usually like to use your hair open, let’s say that the most suitable option for hairstyles with a shoulder length are wavy and curly models. It is very easy to make and use this hairstyle, which makes your hair a little shorter than it is. Start by parting your hair either in the middle or on the side. Then you can try using a hair styling product instead of using a heat styling tool to get natural waves. For this, take some hair styling cream in the palm of your hand. Give your hair the shape you want by applying it to your ends. You can also try models like water waves by dividing your hair into several parts and wrapping it around your finger.

Shoulder-length straight hair

Straight hair can be one of the most popular hairstyles, at least as much as wavy. We can say that it is the model that best suits a shoulder-length cut. The lob haircut , which has been among the trend hairstyles for many years , is made in a model where the back of the hair is shorter than the sides, and is usually used by blow drying the edges of the hair inward. Likewise, the bob haircut , which is slightly shorter than the lob hair, is generally known for using straight. If your hair is bushy and you are going to use it with a straight blow dryer, try separating the hair from the side and precisely for a slightly cool look. Although the hair that is parted in the middle looks very cool, the longer and voluminous appearance of one side of the hair will immediately add a difference to your style.

Shoulder-length hair

Apart from the models you leave open, you can easily apply hair models such as bun, ponytail, braid and use them easily throughout the day. If your hair is a length that falls over your shoulder, it will not be difficult to collect it in many different models. We can say that the first place among your options is a shabby bun on the neck. To do this, part your hair from the side or the middle, gather your hair from the nape of the neck and give it a bun shape. You can also pull out a few strands from the front of your hair and behind your ears for a shabby look. Likewise, you can make a tight and attractive neck bun by gathering it tightly instead of a shabby bun and fixing it with a hairspray.

If we move on to braided hair, there is definitely a braid model that will suit every hair length and hair type, and even any occasion from wedding to sports. Don’t you think the first option that comes to mind when talking about shoulder-length hair and braids is a model knitted on both sides? While applying this model, you can personalize the model with techniques such as classical corn braid, herringbone, fishbone. Apart from that, you can add a thin braid to the front of your hair or try a few small herringbone braids that run from the front of your hair to the back.

If you want a top ponytail or bun, it’s okay for the tops, but the hair on your neck will probably come out of the buckle. You can easily apply these models by fixing them with a few black wire buckles.

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