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Hair Cut Models and Names You Must Know

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We brought together the most popular haircut models of the season!

Are you planning to cut your hair? So , have you decided on the haircut model ? If your answer to this is not very clear, we have great news for you! We have brought together the most fashionable haircut models popular in 2022 for you.

Here are the women’s haircut models that you must know…

1. Shag hairstyle

Shag hairstyleIf you like haircuts with multiple layers and bangs, you should definitely try the Shag haircut this year . There will be lots of long and short layers, movement and vitality in your hair, it will make you look much more modern and cool.

2. 90s haircuts

90s haircutsYou must have noticed that 90s fashion is back, both in clothes and make-up. This trend has of course spread to the hair! In the 90s haircuts, shoulder-length blunt cut models and fringe cuts come to the fore. You can curl both your hair and your bangs inward with a round blow-dry comb to get the 90’s retro vibe.

3. Wolf cut hairstyle

Wolf cut hairstyleWolf Cut haircut , which comes out of the Far East hair trends but completely reflects the air of the 70s and 80s , is among the most popular models of this year. In this hairstyle, which is usually at shoulder level, bangs and layered cut are in the foreground.

4. Bob haircut model

Bob haircut modelThe bob haircut is actually very similar to the blunt haircut. Generally, short haircut models at ear and chin level are called bob cuts. The bob cut can be straight or there are models that extend forward. If you like short hair cut models, you should try it.

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5. Long bob haircut

Long bob haircutOne of the different types of bob haircut model is long bob haircut . This women’s haircut model, which is usually shoulder-length, is a great option for those who do not dare to cut their hair very short.

6. Curtain bangs

Hair CutIf they were asked which is the most popular haircut model of recent years, we would say curtain bangs ! In this model, also known as Curtain Bangs haircut, long and side-swept bangs are in the foreground. This hairstyle, which blends better with the rest of the hair by layering it, gives an extremely feminine air.

7. Pixie haircut

Pixie haircutIf you like short haircuts, you should definitely try the Pixie haircut model . This haircut model, which has short nape parts, long upper parts and layered, looks both very modern and very cool.

8. Layered Haircut

Layered HaircutRegardless of whether your hair is long or medium length, if you want a more active and voluminous look, you can try layered haircut models. The layered haircut, which is especially useful for framing the face and adding movement to the hair, creates a modern atmosphere.

9. Haircut with bangs

Haircut with bangsThe bangs cut model never loses its popularity. When we look at the 2022 haircut models , we see that the bangs retain their indispensable place. If you are wondering whether a bang cut will suit you, you should definitely take a look at our article on bangle models according to your face shape.

10. Straight haircut

Straight haircutIf you have long hair and do not like layered cuts, you can also try straight haircuts. Especially when you get a smooth and shiny look with the glass hair trend, everyone will ask you the secret of your hair.

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