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How do you get 10 times smoother hair?

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Who does not want their hair to look smoother, softer and brighter? Styling your hair with heat, blow-drying, exposure to cold-hot weather and the hairpins you use… All of these can cause your hair to wear out and dry out over time. So, is it possible to make your hair look smoother? Of course yes, up to 10 times!

We will have a great suggestion to make your hair look 10 times smoother* and well-groomed in just 8 seconds. We can’t wait for you to try these hair care tips that help comb hair more easily and remove frizz!

1. Use hair care water

‘What is hair care water?’ We seem to hear you ask. Let’s explain right away. Elseve Dream Long Wonder Water Miracle Treatment Water is a very popular hair care product that helps repair damaged hair! It makes your hair look up to 10 times smoother, softer and shinier in just 8 seconds. Hair care water containing lamellar technology acts instantly without weighing the hair down.
We know how difficult it is to do hair care at home and calm down frizzy hair. We can guess that she was afraid to comb her hair and how much effort she put into keeping her hair from getting frizzy after the bath. Dream Long Wonder Water Miracle Care Water targets the damaged areas of your hair, making it look more well-groomed and smooth. Your hair is much easier to comb.

You can review Dream Long Wonder Water Miracle Treatment Water here.

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water

How to use miracle care water?

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Those who meet Miracle Treatment Water for the first time wonder how to use Elseve Dream Long Wonder Water Miracle Treatment Water. Wonder Water Care Water, which users admire, is applied to wet hair. After applying shampoo to her hair, it’s Wonder Water’s turn. A dose of Miracle Care Water will be enough for fine and medium-length hair. If your hair is longer and thicker, you can apply up to 3-4 doses of conditioning water. Massage your hair lengths for 8 seconds, rinse and you’re ready!

Editor’s suggestion: Since Wonder Water Treatment Water contains active ingredients, you may feel a little warming when you apply it to your hair. Don’t worry, it will pass soon and you won’t believe how smooth your hair looks.

2. Stay away from heat


If you regularly apply heat treatments such as blow dryer and tongs to make your hair look smooth, you should take a break from them immediately. Applying high heat to your hair can cause the strands to fray and split. This gives the hair a rough look. If you want to care for your hair, you should apply Elseve Wonder Water Miracle Care Water to your hair in the bathroom and then leave your hair to dry naturally. If you have thick hair, you can first dehumidify your hair with a cotton towel and then gently comb it to dry your hair.

Use a comb suitable for your hair type

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In order to have smooth hair, you need to discover the right comb for your hair type. Choosing the wrong comb can lead to hair breakage and wear. If you have fine hair, you can use fine-toothed plastic combs. Combs with plastic brushes add fullness to the hair. Thick strands can use wooden tooth combs. Wooden combs will remove the electrification of the hair and reduce its frizz.

For easy combing of your hair, you should use  Elseve Wonder Water Miracle Care Water . You can make your hair look smoother and softer by using Conditioning Water on your hair in every shower  .

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