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How to Care for Blonde Hair?

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In our article titled “Care for blond hair”, we will give information about blond hair and its care, which comes to mind when it comes to dyed hair care. Although all dyed hair requires care, blond dyed hair models require special care and care. Is it possible to care for yellow damaged hair at home? What is the best shampoo for blonde hair? Let’s examine together the answers to questions such as how to care for blond hair.

Care for Worn Blonde Hair

Caring for blonde hair requires a little more care than other hair colors. Care for treated hair always requires more effort and order.

Woman washing her blond hair.

Deep hair care should be done because it affects the scalp, hair roots and hair strands for blond hair.

Care for Damaged Blonde Hair

⇒ Protecting hair from excessive heat is among the most effective hair care techniques. The damaged hair during the hair color turning yellow will be affected even more by the extreme heat and will gain a worn appearance.

Hair treated with excessive heat will break more easily and also take shape very difficult.

The most effective way to preserve the color of dyed hair is to avoid excessive heat, so that the color tone attached to the blonde hair is not lost.

⇒ If daily stable applications are made before using blond hair care products, heavy maintenance is not required. Yellow hair should be washed with the right soap and warm water, and the last rinse water should be water close to cold in order to preserve the moisture of the hair.

⇒ Yellow sheets should be kept away from extreme heat and extreme cold. Just as direct sunlight damages the skin, it also damages the hair.

⇒ The color tone of blond hair damaged by the sun is likely to turn orange. A hat or bonnet can be used to protect the blonde color.

⇒  use of hair care oil requires careful use if it is to be used for blond hair. When the right hair care oil is not used, stains occur with oiliness in the hair. For this reason, water-soluble oils should be used as a care oil for blond hair.

⇒ For home care for yellow damaged hair, you need to remove the broken hair from the ends of the hair at regular intervals. After the blonde hair dye application, the hair ends are likely to be damaged.

One week after dyeing the hair with blonde hair dye, the damaged hair ends must be cut.

Hair dyed with blonde hair dye should be used with the right hairstyles.

Blonde Dyed Hairstyles

Among the hairstyles that do not wear yellow dyed hair, there are tight hair tie models such as ponytails. You should stay away from the use of tight hair collection models, except for applying hot to your hair.

Light blond hairstyles, shabby blond dyed hairstyles and braided blond dyed hairstyles will also help protect the hair.

Mask for Blonde Hair (For Intense Moisture)

Mask for blond hair can be done once a week or once every 15 days.

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • a pinch of cinnamon

After mixing the ingredients, apply it from the roots to the ends, and wash it off with warm water after a waiting period of 35-40 minutes.

With this yellow dyed hair mask every 3-4 days, your hair will be moist, lively and well-groomed.

Yellow Colored Hair Care Mask (Color Protector)

  • 2 quail egg yolks
  • 2 teaspoons of strained honey
  • Half a cup of Turkish coffee olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of milk

After mixing the ingredients, it should be applied to the hair from root to tip at least once a week and washed with warm water after a 1-hour waiting period.

Best Shampoo for Hair

The best shampoo you can use for blonde hair is purple shampoos that provide the most suitable tones for the yellow color tone.

After using purple shampoo once a week, shampoo suitable for the hair structure, which has moisturizing and color-protecting properties, should be used once a week for the rest of the day.

Image Gallery: How Should Blonde Hair Care Be?

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