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How to Wear a Bandana? Bandana Tying Models

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Everything you need to know to use a bandana in your hairstyle.

It seems that we will often see bandanas, which are one of the indispensable hair accessories of the summer season, and which stormed the 90s in the years, this winter. Bandanas, which are used by attaching to the hair in many different techniques, are considered among the versatile accessories that can give your style a different and energetic look. You can also personalize it with many different models and create your own style. You can wear these bandanas not only on your hairstyle, but also on your wrist, neck or even your pants.

How to tie a bandana?

First of all, let’s say that it is not a necessity to choose bandanas that are only in square model. You can also use models such as scarves and shawls as a bandana. Whether you prefer a model that will cover the back of your head or use it as a crown, the choice is entirely up to you and of course the combination you will make.

Bandana tying techniques

classic binding

Let’s start with one of the most used models first. This model is among the Retro hairstyles . For this bandana tying technique that took the 90s by storm, it is important to choose a bandana with a triangular fold. Fold your bandana in a triangle and straighten it well so that it doesn’t get potty when you wear it on your hair.

You can use your hair wavy, straight or curly. Place the folded bandana starting from your forehead. The triangular end will come just behind your hair. Secure it above your head by holding both long sides. As a final step, tie the two long ends just behind your hair. Also, make sure it’s not too tight or too loose for daytime comfort before tying it. You can leave the triangular tip open as it is, or you can tuck it just below the knot.

ribbon headband

For this model, you can choose your bandana from rectangular and long scarves instead of choosing square ones. You can style your hair however you want. This binding technique is among the options that suit every model. Once you have decided on your hair, stretch your scarf and place it on the back of your head. Keep holding both ends. Bring the two ends together in front of your head and loop one over the other. At this point, it is important that you do not tie the scarf in the front. Just get them tangled together. Now either tie a knot by tying the long remaining sections at the back. If you want, fix it inside the bandana with wire buckles.

classic headband

It is very easy to make this model, which is often preferred by men. Bring your bandana into a triangular form, just like with the classic model. Proceed by tying it from the wide part and folding it so that it goes to the triangular end. You can put a double-sided tape or spray hairspray between the bandana and the triangular tip so that the tip does not deteriorate during the day. You have two different options for the next step. One is to take the wide part of the bandana under the hair and make a knot in the front of your head, and the other is to make the knot at the level of your neck. After you decide which one to choose, tie the bandana and fix it with hairpins from the sides so that it does not slip from your hair. In this model, you can collect your hair if you wish. It will also suit models such as a ponytail, a bun at the nape, a shabby bun from the top.


Bonus: Bandana Braid

You can also try placing your bandana between your braids. What you need here is a thin piece of fabric. Fix the fabric between a strand that you will braid at the top of your hair. Start braiding as if it were a piece of your hair. If you wish, you can also make a knitting bun by wrapping it around itself after completing the knitting.

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