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Side Bangs Models: How to Cut, Who Suits?

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The bangs, which are never out of fashion and are among the trendy hairstyles every season, are among the hairstyles that every woman has tried or wanted to try once in her life. Moreover, it has many different model options within itself. There are many bangs options such as long, short, fringe , side bangs, curly, pixie. It is also very comfortable to use when you choose according to your face type and hairstyle. Now we are talking about the side bangs, which are known to suit most face types and almost every hairstyle. If you want a little change in your style, you can discover all the details about the side bangs in our article.

What is side bangs?

This model, where the bangs are not usually the same length, is obtained by making the hair falling in the front of the face shorter than the hair on the side. In other words, it has an asymmetrical appearance, unlike the bangs models that are right in front of the face. You can also think of this model as short bangs. You can use it by throwing it to the right or left, or you can use the hair that you parted in the middle to fall to both sides. The image above will be a good example for you to visualize clearly.

Who does side bangs suit?

Side bangs, which are generally known to suit everyone, can help the rounded lines of your face look more oval. Especially if you have a wide forehead, it can also change the symmetry of your face, creating a more proportional look. Thanks to the side bangs, your face can look more pointed and bony than it is. This hair, which surrounds the face, is very popular for creating an elegant appearance, as well as adding a very attractive air.

If you have a round face shape, a bluntly cut front bang may be a better option for you. If you have a narrow forehead, you can try models higher than your eyebrows in order not to make your face smaller with bangs, or you can go for thin bangs.

How to cut side bangs?

  • It’s important to cut dry to see the full length of your hair. When you cut it wet, you can cause it to be shorter than you think.
  • First of all, you should imagine that this bangs is used asymmetrically on both sides or on one side. If you cut your hair in front of your face, you may have to go to the hairdresser and have it fixed.
  • Therefore, take your hair in the desired thickness from the front parts and collect the other parts of the hair. Scan these front parts by dividing them in half.
  • Cut the left strand between your index and middle fingers with a hairdresser’s scissors so that they are parallel without pulling on the forehead.
  • Here is the point you need to pay attention to; You should keep your hair longer as it comes from the edge of your forehead to the ear. So you have to start at the top and make a downward cut.
  • When you hold the scissors parallel, you will create an asymmetrical look this way.
  • After completing one part, do the same for the other strand.
  • To avoid a blunt look, hold the scissors vertically as a final step and trim the ends for a professional look.

*To give a little tip for the side bangs, make sure to keep the hair near the face as long as your eyebrows, and the rest of it at a length that goes down to your ears.

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