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Straight Bun Hairstyles

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Hairstyles are very important for women. Among the flat bun models, the flat bun models on the neck, the flat scattered bun models, the flat blown bun models, the plain bun models and the braided bun models come to the fore. Don’t miss the flat bun, it offers many options from flat bun-made evening dress bun models to bridal straight bun models. We have searched for you who are curious about straight bun hairstyles.

Flat Knob Models 2022

Straight Hairstyles

Straight messy bun models; Straight hair users often complain that they cannot shape their hair easily. However, this is not so. There are many flashy hairstyles for straight hair. The bun models are the most stylish of them, the straight hairstyle.

Between straight hair buns;

  • Straight hair bun models
  • Straight hair shabby bun models
  • Straight hair messy bun models
  • There are options such as straight hair braided bun models.

It has great designs that can be easily applied to all hairstyles such as long hair bun, short hair bun, medium hair bun. Making a flat bun is actually not that difficult. You can catch the elegance that will arouse admiration with straight hair collection models that can be used by women of all ages.

Flat Knob Model-Flat Knob Models 2022

How to make a flat bun? Making the Flat Bun…

Comb the hair by moistening it with water or hair spray. Moisture of the hair is necessary to prevent frizz and electrification in the hair.

Hold the hair tightly by combing it towards your palm from 2 fingers above the nape. Secure it tightly with a hair band.

Then twist the hair in one direction without tightening it too much and wrap it around the place where you tied it. Keep twisting the hair while wrapping it.

Secure the completely wrapped hair with a hairpin or wire clip.

Straight Bun Models for Hair Net Evening Dresses

You can get help from the hair net to make the straight bun model more flamboyant and magnificent by making a straight bun. Using the straight blown bun model while making a mesh bun will make the bun net even more spectacular by making it the focal point.

After tying your hair, cover it just above the elastic and fasten it with a hairpin from the lower part of the hair.

Then pull the hair net up to the ends of the hair and take it inside the hair.

After expanding the hair slightly transversely, reverse wrap it from the inside to the nape.

When the wrapping process is finished, connect the two ends from the top and fasten them with a hairpin or wire buckle.

Flat Bun Models on the Neck

Flat neck knob; You can make a flat bun at the nape by applying the hair wrapping technique that you apply with a hair net without a hair net. You can make your job even easier by spraying the hair before making a bun on the neck. Applying the nape bun model to short hair will allow you to get stylish bun hair.

Straight Messy Bun Model

flat bun; Gather the hair sloppy and loosely by combing it back as much as possible. Give the appearance of a bun by attaching the hair you have collected from different places with wire buckles. Scattered bun models were the most used bun model in 2021. Among the hair collection models of this year, we see flat messy bun models.

Finally, remove a lock of hair from the front and both sides. You can make a loose bun at the nape by doing this loose hair collection on the nape.

Don’t forget to fix your hair using a fixing spray. Here you are ready 🙂

Straight Braided Hair Bun

How to make braided flat bun models?

After combing your hair, make classic three Braids.

Then wrap the hair around itself from the bottom to give it a bun look. Do not forget to remove tiny curls from your hair for a naturally braided bun.

For more details and ideas about straight hair bun models, we recommend you to review the picture gallery we have compiled.

Image Gallery: Straight Hairstyles-Fashionable Bun Models

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