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Top 25 Popular Hairstyles

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Is there anyone who loves healthy hairstyles as much as we do? Let’s admit it, we like to use our hair open a little more than to collect it. 🙂 Are you in search of new hairstyles to show the volume and fullness of your hair and to use it open ?

For those who like to use their hair open, we share 25 different hairstyles, each more beautiful than the other! Thanks to these open hair models, we can now display a perfect stance against bulk hair. We will not always share hair models, today is the day of open hairstyles ! 🙂

1- Hair with prominent curls


This care cream, which allows you to get fuller curls without the need for heat styling , is ideal for recurring hairstyles!

2- Retro hairstyle

If you like retro hairstyles, you should only wave the ends of your hair. You’ll be transported to the 70s with this hairstyle.

3- Brings the fullness of your hair to the fore

Your hair must be full to look cool! Instead of parting your hair in the middle, you can make it look more voluminous by separating it from the side.

4- Loose braids

You can get this look by gathering your hair in half and leaving the rest of your hair open.

5- Tiny half ponytail

If you want to open your hair, but you are uncomfortable with the hair in the front of your face, you can make a tiny ponytail. Gathering the thin tufts in the front of her hair back helps her face relax.

6- Wavy half ponytail on the top

First,  apply Elseve Hair Beautifying Miraculous Oil Conditioner to your hair  . Thus, your hair is not damaged by heat and takes perfect shape. Then wave your hair with tongs. Then gather the top of your hair at the top. That’s it! 🙂

7- Loosely collect half

Undoubtedly, the most elegant of the recommended hairstyles is to combine your hair with a tiny hairpin at the back!

8- Broken blow dryer

Portrait of a beautiful blonde woman wearing a large warm winter hat. Nice background of this composition is created of red brick wall.

We recommend using the cream to protect your hair from heat and protect your hair up to 180 degrees. This is not damaged by your long hair.

9- Water wave

Water wave hairstyles look great on long hair! You can make a water wave by waving your hair with a thick curling iron .

10- Bob hair

What do those who want recommended hairstyles for short hair think about bob haircut ? We love short and open hair!

11- Practical blow dryer

Blow dry your hair by twisting it only once. Then comb your hair with a broken blow-dry comb and let the wave open. Shabby waves will create a natural look in your hair.

12- Recommended hairstyle for special occasions

After blow-drying your hair, bring back two strands from the front and braid your hair back. You can use dried flowers to add romance to this hairstyle.

13- Long bob hairstyle

If you say that my soul lives in the past, part your hair from the side and  blow dry the ends of the long bob hairstyle inward. This hairstyle best suits the long bob cut.

14- Style your hair backwards

Do you realize how charismatic hairstyles that shape the hair backwards look? 🙂

15- Tiny bun

You can leave the lower part of your hair and make a small bun at the top.

16- Straight hair

Portrait of a young woman standing outdoors

We love straight hairstyles. Especially straight hairstyles look great on long hair.

17- Hairstyle with romantic accessories

You should definitely recommend it to make your hair look romantic on special occasions. Simple wavy hair  and shiny hair accessories look very harmonious.

18- Wet-looking hairstyles

If you like masculine hairstyles , wet your hair and shape it backwards and fix it with a wet hairspray.

19- Prominent waves

20- Braided half bun

Braided half-bun hair looks much more fun and enjoyable than bulk hair!

21- Half ponytail for curly hair

One of the most common complaints of those with curly hair is that their curls appear before their eyes… But for curly hair, our recommendation is to try the half ponytail hairstyle to control their curls! Thus, your hair will look both neat and healthy. 🙂

22- Micro braids

A recommended hairstyle with micro braids doesn’t look bad, does it? 🙂

23- Leave it natural

If you pay attention to hair care, it is impossible for your hair not to look voluminous. You can impress everyone by using your voluminous hair open.

24- Use my forelock

Those who love open hairstyles can make their hair look more perfect by cutting the forelock. Side shaped bangs are very popular this year!

25- Use flashy hairpins

The recommended hairstyle How about combining different color to give a view of the hairpin?

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