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What is cream hair dye and how is it used?

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Today, we are reviewing cream hair dyes from hair dye types . If you want to dye your hair but are wondering which of the dye types is right for you, you are at the right place. We explain who cream paints are suitable for and how they are used. Do you know the differences and features between hair dyes ? In this article, what you wonder about cream hair dye !

What is cream hair dye?

First, let’s get to know the types of hair dye; Among the hair dyes in the form of spray, cream and foam, the most widely used dye type is cream dyes. Since cream dyes can be easily applied to the roots and between the hairs, they are widely used in both household hair dyes.

It is very practical to use cream hair dyes in cream form, which are fluid and easy to apply . Cream hair dye and oxidant cream come out of the cream hair dye box . You can get cream hair dye by mixing these two creams together, and the cream hair dye is ready to apply! You do not need materials such as brushes and old toothbrushes to apply cream hair dye. Thanks to the cream hair dye applicators , it is possible to apply the cream dye to all of your hair without getting your hands on the dye. Follow the time written on the hair dye and at the end of the time, rinse the dye from your hair with warm water.

You can learn  the materials that must be in the hair dyeing kit from  this article .

What are the effects of cream hair dye on hair?

The biggest difference of cream hair dye compared to other hair dyes is that it gives intense shine to the hair! Your new hair color looks radiant in your hair and your hair looks healthier. You should definitely evaluate  the shine effect of cream hair dyes in order to eliminate the dull, unkempt and pale appearance of your hair and to provide a brighter finish instead .

Another of the biggest advantages of cream hair dye is that it completely hides the whites. If the whites on the bottom of your hair bother you, it is very simple to remove them with cream hair dye. When you use the best cream hair dye, you can achieve  100% white coverage .

Not to mention how soft, glamorous and cool cream hair dyes make hair look! Those who dye their hair with cream hair dye say that their hair is now easier to comb and does not look as unkempt as before. You can start an ambitious change in your hair by finding the  right hair color for your skin type .

Our cream hair dye recommendation:

Now you know how passionate the editors of are about hair dyes. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme hair dyes are the best cream hair dyes in our opinion among hair dyes . The fact that Loreal hair dye gives intense shine to the hair and covers the whites 100% made us fall in love with this hair dye! After dyeing your hair, your hair becomes soft and looks more well-groomed than before.

The pH-balanced shampoo and nourishing mask that comes out of L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme hair dye supports the hair color to look bright and vibrant for a long time. If you want to be inspired by seasonal trends, you can try  7.1 Ash Brown  hair color from Excellence cream hair dyes.

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